The Neuro-Revolution Is Here

Curator, Jordan Kallman

The Neuro-Revolution Is Here

“There is nothing in the intellect that is not in the senses” – Aristotle.


The brain and heart are but two complex, very powerful organs constantly speaking to one another. Aristotle may have believed that the brain’s basis for being was to cool the heart, and although we now know this as myth, perhaps there was a hidden reality buried deep within his hypothesis? Might the heart still lead the brain into action?


At Superhuman Summit this past October, surrounded by neuroscientists and immersed within an experience meant to expand the mind, Dr. Cory Holly gave an emotional talk that came straight from his heart. “To win, understand how the game is played” reminded us that any superhuman leads first with compassion, empathy and a love for the game, all things that were once believed to originate from the organ in our chest, not our heads.


Cory spoke the truth, and yet we understand truth exists solely in the construct of our brain. And so, this release wouldn’t be complete without including a pair of pioneers of one of the most unknown health frontiers. As the feature speaker, Conor Russomanno so eloquently stated, “we are at the dawn of the neuro-revolution”. And in the past week, groundbreaking futuristic solutions have continued to toward the movement. From DARPA’s brain chip implant experiments to Bryan Johnson’s $100 million dollar investment to link our brain with computers, neurohacking has arrived and it is big (future) business. How frightened does this future make you? Are we destined to connect our brains to technology? My main fear: Conor’s vision for wide-spread, open-sourced “neuro access” fails to materialize, creating an elite class of connected brains separated from the rest of us.


But these are grand future scenarios, and we have immediate “brain care” needs. Dr. Jan Venter, one of the most connected doctors I have ever met, introduced us to the power of neuromodulation through the PoNS device. An immediate way to exercise your brain, there is significant emerging science that points to this as a preventative workout for the most important muscle in your body. Check it out.


Personally, I’ve been working on both heart and brain enhancements. From tracking my active minutes per week (over 500 minutes routinely, or over 8 full hours of activity per week. Where are you at?) to measuring how my brain reacts to meditation and focused attention through Moment Meditation’s Mindfulness Quotient course (which I am recommending to anyone who will listen), I’m making progress Aristotle would be proud of.


Live well,

Curator, Jordan Kallman

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