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Spencer Coppin

Superhuman Summit 2017 Introduction

Spencer Coppin introduces us to Superhuman Summit 2017. With the theme of: Live Forever, this year’s Summit hosted amazing talks about life extension, microbiome, genetics, self-quantification, smart tech, and superhuman mindsets. Optimization, education, and inspiration are the keystones

Adam McHeffey

Back to the start. Played on Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1

Using the history of musical technology as a jumping off point, Adam McHeffey custom-crafted a Superhuman Summit performance titled, “Back to Start”. The performance is a representation of the many musical innovations we have witnessed over human history. Adam’s exciting demonstration of Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1 provides a glimpse into the future of music creation. Human … Continue reading Back to the start. Played on Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1


Superhuman, Being You

All good stories begin with a strong prologue. 2-time Juno nominated lyricist, Kyprios performs a custom crafted spoken word inspired by the Superhuman mindset. The performance video opened the Summit in 2017 and warmed the stage for a day full of speakers and performers sharing knowledge behind the movement to #enhanceyourself.

Superhuman Summit 2016 Opening Performance

Find Your Light

In this powerful performance art opening at Superhuman Summit 2016, Find Your Light, featuring Lauren Overholt, executes a custom-choreographed story of transformation from normal to extraordinary.

Moon Ribas

A union between cybernetics and humanity: an “Earthbeat”

In a talk that showcases a future where humans and technology are intertwined, Moon Ribas explains the foundational understanding behind the cybernetic movement. Watch how Moon uses her augmented ability in a beautiful drum performance at the end of the talk.

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#Enhance Yourself

Achieve breakthrough lifespan, augment your abilities and shatter your comfort zone. Attend Superhuman Summit and experience a future-thinking educational showcase that will advance your human potential.