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Kaya Turksi

A greater sense of self

In this one-on-one from Superhuman Summit 2017, recently retired 8 time medal-winning X-Games Champion, Kaya Turski, reflects on the mentality of being a consistent winner and how she overcame one of her toughest moments, both physically and psychologically on her path to setting her indelible mark as a freestyle and slopestyle skier.

Dr. Jeff Spencer

Big mentalities for superhuman rewards

In this BIG talk at Superhuman Summit 2017, high performance specialist, Dr. Jeff Spencer, explains how to consistently deliver on your ambitions by adopting the champion’s mindset. The only thing in the way? Your human survival instincts. When it comes to high performance, self-preservation won’t cut it. You need to be able to fight back … Continue reading Big mentalities for superhuman rewards

Business Insider

Tom Brady uses brain exercises designed for people with brain impairments to improve his function and it blew away the scientists who created them

At age 40, Tom Brady looks for any competitive edge he can get. In his book, “The TB12 Method,” Brady outlined his extensive beliefs in pliability, flexibility, and diet to prolong his career. According to ESPN’s Tom Junod and Seth Wickersham, Brady also uses brain exercises to improve his cognitive function to stay sharp on and … Continue reading Tom Brady uses brain exercises designed for people with brain impairments to improve his function and it blew away the scientists who created them

AI Business

Apple’s AI Expert Says That AI Will Give Us Superhuman Abilities

Will superheroes ever be among us? Read why Apple’s AI expert, and creator of Siri, seems to think so.

Business Insider

A growing movement in fitness sees psychological training as a new key to hacking human performance

Learn how Red Bull’s new fitness movement is tapping into psychological training and hacking human performance.


Heroic Highlight | Dubai Dream Jump

These daredevils give base jumping a whole new meaning. Watch as they soar from the highest building in the world.

Caters Clips

Heroic Highlight | Kayaker Goes Down Waterfall With LED Lights

Watch as these water daredevils barrel over high cliffs in the pitch black of the night, using only the light from their technicolour suits to guide them.

Jesse Billauer

Greatness comes from within

In the closing talk of Superhuman Summit 2016, Jesse Billauer recounts the accident that left him suddenly paralyzed just when he was becoming one of the best surfers in the world. Shockingly, this turn of events didn’t slow Jesse down and he continues to surf without the full use of his body. An inspiration to … Continue reading Greatness comes from within

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