October 21, 2017
Goldcorp Stage

BMO Theatre Centre
Olympic Village
The Pacific Northwest
Vancouver, British Columbia


Attend The Summit

Superhuman Summit is a single day speaker-focused event presenting ideas on how to advance your human potential. A collection of expert speakers, musical performances, and lunchtime breakouts led by unique specialists will lead you to become more superhuman.

This single-day showcase presents lessons, stories and practices from superhuman specialists that are rooted in science, practiced achievement and tested technologies. Each speaker and experience embodies qualities that exceed those found in normal humans, but have sounded application for the lifelong learner.

Join fellow explorers, rebels, limit breakers, risk takers, evolutionists, society changers, future thinkers and immortality tinkerers for a unique take on how to improve the quality and quantity of your life.


The program at Superhuman Summit will focus on scientific findings, legitimate practices, heroic achievements and tested technologies that extend the boundaries of human potential.

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The Human Potential Curve


A full slate of exciting speakers, musical performances and other surprises can be found here. Stay tuned for details on 2017's entire speaker list, coming soon.


Between showcases and Summit Lab explorations, maintain your nutrient levels by visiting our nourishment stations throughout the event created and executed by Vital Supply Co. Sustenance will be provided in the form of a nutrient-rich breakfast and healthy lunch, as well as unique nourishment stations that will be designed to make an impact on your performance.

Summit Lab Activations


The experience of Superhuman Summit goes beyond the ideas on the stage. During the showcase you will visit the Summit Lab, an experimental hackspace that will give you hands-on experience with elements that will change your future for the better.

In the spirit of evolution, attendees will experience a slight improvement in how Superhuman Summit delivers the lessons you expect from the showcase. Extremely popular in 2016, The Summit Lab will shift from an open space throughout the entire Summit, to select sessions chosen during your time of ticket purchase. This will allow every attendee to take advantage of all activations within the Lab, and provide you with a dedicated window to dive deep into the hands-on, enhancing elements. Expect a much expanded Summit Lab spread, and a live stream theatre to ensure you don’t miss a favourite talk.

Stay tuned for details on 2017’s activating partners coming soon.

#Enhance Yourself

Achieve breakthrough lifespan, augment your abilities and shatter your comfort zone. Attend Superhuman Summit and experience a future-thinking educational showcase that will advance your human potential.