Expanding Perception

Curator, Jordan Kallman

Expanding Perception

You are just one month into a brand new year. How do you feel? Around here, we’re on a high from some new knowledge around nutrition and health benefits we shared with you last month.


Beyond this insightful content, we continue to actively search within the world of human enhancement to bring you the best. This month you will see a clear focus on the science of the brain and mind.


Rooted around this principle, we’re excited to share two new speaker talk releases from Superhuman Summit last Fall. Scott Novich of NeoSensory shares his idea of enhancing ourselves through the augmentation of our senses, and Hiroko Demichelis of Moment Meditation and Vancouver Brain Lab gives us a deeper insight into how simply “letting go” can not only extend your life, but also add life to those years.
After you’ve taken a deeper dive, let your mind digest the content while watching the opening performance from Superhuman Summit, Find Your Light. Click the respective links above to watch.
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Live well,
– Curator, Jordan Kallman

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