A New Beginning

Curator, Jordan Kallman

A New Beginning

A brand new year is upon us. Are you feeling inspired to enhance your health and longevity? In the spirit of goal-setting for our next journey around the sun, we’ve put together curated content that will provide benchmarking, behaviour-changing and thought-provoking information to better your own health, well beyond this year.


The fresh start also brings about the launch our next two speaker talks from November’s Superhuman Summit. The showcase opener of the day Dai Manuel, gives a spirited perspective on what an enhanced journey looks like. And a fan favourite from the Summit, Dr. Garth Webb’s talk on the Human Visual Experience and his Bionic Lens gives us all a peak into the future of eyesight. Click the respective links above to watch.


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Finally, help us achieve our goal this year to build a community of people seeking a more optimized self. If you know friends or colleagues who might benefit from our stories on the latest science, technology and groundbreaking achievements in human enhancement, pass along suggestion to subscribe. We would be very grateful. As always, our channels can be found here: Email SubscriptionFacebook and Youtube.

#Enhance Yourself

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