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Spencer Coppin

Superhuman Summit 2017 Introduction

Spencer Coppin introduces us to Superhuman Summit 2017. With the theme of: Live Forever, this year’s Summit hosted amazing talks about life extension, microbiome, genetics, self-quantification, smart tech, and superhuman mindsets. Optimization, education, and inspiration are the keystones

Kaya Turksi

A greater sense of self

In this one-on-one from Superhuman Summit 2017, recently retired 8 time medal-winning X-Games Champion, Kaya Turski, reflects on the mentality of being a consistent winner and how she overcame one of her toughest moments, both physically and psychologically on her path to setting her indelible mark as a freestyle and slopestyle skier.

Dr Jeff Almon

Invisible pain can lead to chronic injury

From Superhuman Summit 2017 Dr. Jeff Almon showcases how much of our pain is invisible and how this results in significant injury. In particular, the ability to spot and then your adapt your protective reflexes – which silently inhibit parts of your body for the protection of other areas – requires deeper focus and attention. … Continue reading Invisible pain can lead to chronic injury

Bianca Rizzo

The health benefits of CBD, the cannabis plant’s best element

At Superhuman Summit 2017, host Spencer Coppin quizzes Bianca Rizzo on the health benefits of Cannabidiols (CBD), one of the major compounds in cannabis. Combating anxiety, nausea, inflammation, and boosting auto-immune function and mental performance, Bianca presents compelling explanation for why CBD is one of the most exciting prospects within the medical community.


How sound can reduce stress and promote heart health

Mark Nazemi and Maryam Mobini are passionate about sound. Many people would appreciate sounds like music as a source of positive energy (calming or exciting), but we are affected by sound all day, every day and whether we know it or not – it stresses our bodies out. Chaotic and jarring sounds can increase anxiety … Continue reading How sound can reduce stress and promote heart health

Dr John Pitts

Using stem cells to avoid unnecessary surgery

Dr. John Pitts firmly beliefs that you can avoid costly surgeries by healing yourself. But this isn’t just wishful thinking or eccentric home remedies. At Superhuman Summit 2017, Dr. Pitts describes how stem cells are at the forefront of the future of regenerative medicine. We all have a bounty of stem cells within our bodies … Continue reading Using stem cells to avoid unnecessary surgery

Dr Helen Messier

Time to end the war on microbes

The “War on Microbes” has reached its tipping point and we are beginning to truly witness what detrimental effects our increasingly high intensity efforts are leading to. The rise in chronic diseases, including a variety linked to obesity, can be attributed to the carpet-bombing of our own personal microbial ecosystems. Of special significance, Dr. Messier … Continue reading Time to end the war on microbes

Dr Ben Lynch

Optimizing your susceptible genes for high performance in a dirty world

In this “clean” presentation at Superhuman Summit 2017, Dr. Ben Lynch explains how many of our illnesses and ailments that contribute to under-performance are rooted in susceptible and vulnerable genes exposed to a polluted world. These dynamic genes can be incited to over and under-performance, both causing issues of their own. But just because these … Continue reading Optimizing your susceptible genes for high performance in a dirty world

Rohan Dixit

Redesigning meditation for the 21st century. How to destress in the modern world

Can technology help us be more zen? Rohan Dixit believes so. In a crisp talk from Superhuman Summit 2017, Rohan shares insights pulled from life-long meditators in the Himalayas and combines them with lessons from the science laboratories studying meditation. The result is Lief. A new technology-driven wearable, the Lief aims to train our behaviour … Continue reading Redesigning meditation for the 21st century. How to destress in the modern world

Dr. Jeff Spencer

Big mentalities for superhuman rewards

In this BIG talk at Superhuman Summit 2017, high performance specialist, Dr. Jeff Spencer, explains how to consistently deliver on your ambitions by adopting the champion’s mindset. The only thing in the way? Your human survival instincts. When it comes to high performance, self-preservation won’t cut it. You need to be able to fight back … Continue reading Big mentalities for superhuman rewards

Taylor MacIssac

How your genetics determine what you should eat

At Superhuman Summit 2017, Taylor MacIssac revealed how your genetics can accurately predict the impact that your behaviours have on your body. An expert in statistical correlations between genetics and your food, Taylor presents a measurement algorithm that can tell you what level of intake of fat, lactose, caffeine, alcohol and vitamins are best for … Continue reading How your genetics determine what you should eat

Kristina Dimitrova

Fashion and technology is colliding to give you new abilities

Fashion expert Kristina Dimitrova demonstrates how our clothing will become the interface, and we will be the UI. Fashion has a fundamental role in the adoption of emerging technologies and as the two continue to merge we will see how subtle and stylish augmentation technology can be. And ultimately, we may discover how textiles make … Continue reading Fashion and technology is colliding to give you new abilities

Dr. Brendan Byrne

Your best health outcomes don’t come from healthcare

Dr. Brendan Byrne delivers a vision for healthcare which maximizes prevention and performance by combining digital innovation, fundamental wellness principles and a strategy tailored just for you. Brendan’s future outlook showcases how the healthcare system will shift dramatically toward “precision health” and the increasing importance of “health tune ups”, utilizing personalized behaviour action plans. The … Continue reading Your best health outcomes don’t come from healthcare

Adam McHeffey

Back to the start. Played on Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1

Using the history of musical technology as a jumping off point, Adam McHeffey custom-crafted a Superhuman Summit performance titled, “Back to Start”. The performance is a representation of the many musical innovations we have witnessed over human history. Adam’s exciting demonstration of Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1 provides a glimpse into the future of music creation. Human … Continue reading Back to the start. Played on Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1

Shawn Stevenson

Sleep is not for the weak

Sleep whisperer, Shawn Stevenson, is fighting back against the predominant “sleep is for the weak” mentality in our culture. In this seductive talk, Shawn guides us through his journey with insufficient sleep and how his determination to improve the quality of his sleep led to massive improvements in all areas of his life, including efficient … Continue reading Sleep is not for the weak

Dr. Jesse Karmazin

Can young blood reverse aging and cure disease?

Dr. Jesse Karmazin shares his pioneering expertise to demonstrate how blood transfusions can reverse the effects of aging and combat age-related diseases like dementia and heart disease. Jesse’s research and young blood clinical trials may unlock the opportunities to deliver these cures in the very near future.

Keegan MacIntosh

I’m getting frozen when I die, and so should all of you

In this sharp talk from Superhuman Summit 2017, Keegan challenges standard assumptions of death. Keegan’s argument: the science behind cryopreservation and human cryonics is improving rapidly and the likelihood to live forever may just exist today. Once you believe this technology gives you a probability greater than zero to live on into the future, the … Continue reading I’m getting frozen when I die, and so should all of you


Superhuman, Being You

All good stories begin with a strong prologue. 2-time Juno nominated lyricist, Kyprios performs a custom crafted spoken word inspired by the Superhuman mindset. The performance video opened the Summit in 2017 and warmed the stage for a day full of speakers and performers sharing knowledge behind the movement to #enhanceyourself.

Jesse Billauer

Greatness comes from within

In the closing talk of Superhuman Summit 2016, Jesse Billauer recounts the accident that left him suddenly paralyzed just when he was becoming one of the best surfers in the world. Shockingly, this turn of events didn’t slow Jesse down and he continues to surf without the full use of his body. An inspiration to … Continue reading Greatness comes from within

Dr Diane Blackburn

How connected to your blood are you?

In this Superhuman Summit talk from 2016, Dr. Diane Blackburn presents partial evidence of a quantum connection between blood and the patient during a live blood analysis session. The talk opens up questions around the connection with our internal fluids and how our mindsets can drastically affect personal health.

Dr Cory Holly

To win, understand how the game is played

In a passionate, philosophical talk, Dr Cory Holly explains how sport provides no better method to overcome challenges. Dr Holly argues the embrace of spontaneous change, hard work and discipline are the keys to success.

Conor Russomanno

Open-sourcing the brain

In one part talk, one part demonstration, Conor Russomanno showcases the world’s first open-source brain computer interface (BCI). The hardware technology stands at the forefront of the neuro-revolution, an era where we understand how the electrical signals of the brain work, use them to shape our brain health, and quite possibly control the technologies around … Continue reading Open-sourcing the brain

Dr Jan Venter

The prevention power of neuromodulation

In this humorous talk at Superhuman Summit in November 2016, Dr Jan Venter showcases the research and science behind the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS™). Dr Venter believes neuromodulation is the most powerful science to prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Jordan Lejuwaan

Digital reality technologies will make us superhuman

In this technology-driven talk at Superhuman Summit 2016, Jordan Lejuwaan paints a future reality where human ability is augmented through a fast approaching digital environment.

Moon Ribas

A union between cybernetics and humanity: an “Earthbeat”

In a talk that showcases a future where humans and technology are intertwined, Moon Ribas explains the foundational understanding behind the cybernetic movement. Watch how Moon uses her augmented ability in a beautiful drum performance at the end of the talk.

Reuben Major

Let food be thy medicine

In this inspiring talk on clean eating, nutrition and personalized diets at Superhuman Summit 2016, Reuben Major talks about the importance of food as a force for positive change in your life.

Scott Novich

Building new human senses

In this premier presentation at Superhuman Summit 2016, Dr Novich gives the audience a glimpse into the future when humans have an unlimited number of senses to experience reality.

Superhuman Summit 2016 Opening Performance

Find Your Light

In this powerful performance art opening at Superhuman Summit 2016, Find Your Light, featuring Lauren Overholt, executes a custom-choreographed story of transformation from normal to extraordinary.

Hiroko Demichelis

Heart rate variability and the science of letting go

Do you need to be a meditation expert, Buddhist monk or trained yogi to gain the benefits of mindfulness? In this groundbreaking talk at Superhuman Summit 2016, Hiroko Demichelis explains how the science behind heart rate variability can be a central predictor of health. And how simply “letting go” is the secret to enhancing yourself … Continue reading Heart rate variability and the science of letting go

Dr Garth Webb

The Bionic Lens and the human visual experience

In this exciting talk at Superhuman Summit 2016, Dr Webb releases information on the Bionic Lens, a technology launching to improve vision beyond current limitations, ultimately enhancing the human visual experience.

Dai Manuel

The journey to becoming superhuman

In this short opener at Superhuman Summit, Dai Manuel showcases the principles of a journey to enhance yourself.

Dr Robert Fraser

How molecular testing will launch an age of personalized health

In this short talk at Superhuman Summit, Dr Robert Fraser describes how measuring molecular markers, including your genomics, proteomics, microbiomics and metabolomics will open up an age of precision health and personalized treatments.

Red Bull

Heroic Highlight | Mark McMorris and Seb Toots Shred Custom Built Terrain Park

Bigger and faster than any mere mortal will ever be able to go, watch as a Homegrown Hero and East Coast Canadian take on one of the most iconic mountains located right here in Vancouver.


Heroic Highlight | Dubai Dream Jump

These daredevils give base jumping a whole new meaning. Watch as they soar from the highest building in the world.

Caters Clips

Heroic Highlight | Kayaker Goes Down Waterfall With LED Lights

Watch as these water daredevils barrel over high cliffs in the pitch black of the night, using only the light from their technicolour suits to guide them.

Forbes Magazine

Enter The Age of Human Augmentation

An Iron Man-like suit is closer than you think. Watch how Forbes gets an inside look at what’s next for Ekso, and where the technology will be applied in the very near future.

World Economic Forum

Documentary | The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The evidence of dramatic change is all around us, and it’s happening at an exponential speed. Welcome to the fourth Industrial Revolution.

James McCarter

The Effects of a Year in Ketosis

For generations we’ve been told low fat and small meals are the key to healthy living. Discover how James McCarter is re-shaping this long trusted data.

#Enhance Yourself

Achieve breakthrough lifespan, augment your abilities and shatter your comfort zone. Attend Superhuman Summit and experience a future-thinking educational showcase that will advance your human potential.