About Superhuman

Superhuman celebrates our next evolution.

Inherent within us is a spirit that allows us to overcome limitations, one that can push beyond existing human range and puts us in position to rapidly transform ourselves. But this spirit needs inspiration to grow, requires cultivation to drive purpose and focused guidance to evolve. And the question then remains: can, and should artificial enhancements drive our evolution even further?

Superhuman brings you a collection of talks, videos, readings and breaking science that will advance your understanding of how to exceed your current human capabilities. Join the community and learn how to achieve breakthrough lifespan, positively augment your abilities and do so while breaking out of your comfort zone.

About The Producers

Coppin Health

You are distinct. Provision accurately.

Coppin Health is a world leader in specialized personal health. Deeply rooted in tested evidence and modern science, we build individualized health programs using anti-aging, functional, regenerative and energy medicines. We call this your LifeProtocol, a calibrated program for biochemical individuality that will chart a path to true optimization. Armed with 20 years of experience developing and designing life enhancing medicine protocols across the globe, we have become aware that scientific, data driven and correct thinking is the most amazing director for personal well-being. The key goes beyond asking what is wrong and to ask why? The answers lead to full repair of underlying imbalances, rebuilt cellular function, hormonal parity, nervous system clarity and harmonized energy states that affect all aspects of living the best possible life experience. Design your unique health protocol. And experience a miraculous health transformation.


The Social Concierge

The Social Concierge is a boutique branding and marketing agency that specializes in consistently delivering unique, premium strategies to a select range of experientially-focused clients. We also create and execute a portfolio of designer in-house events and tailored hosting programmes for special guests both locally and abroad.

Both Principles from The Social Concierge, Jordan Kallman and Tyson Villeneuve, have decades of experience designing, producing and executing premium events that delight the senses. From the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the international event phenomenon Le Dîner en Blanc and the global TEDx movement to name a few, The Social Concierge is impassioned with pushing creativity, culture, the arts and our social fabric forward.


#Enhance Yourself

Achieve breakthrough lifespan, augment your abilities and shatter your comfort zone. Attend Superhuman Summit and experience a future-thinking educational showcase that will advance your human potential.