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Endothelial benefits of tea drinking

Drinking 2–3 cups of tea will provide the majority of recommended daily flavonoid intake. Flavonoids may reduce heart disease due to its beneficial effect on the endothelium-the layer of cells that separates the blood from the wall of the artery. This single layer of cells is the only thing that separates the quickly flowing blood … Continue reading Endothelial benefits of tea drinking

Dr. Brendan Byrne

Your best health outcomes don’t come from healthcare

Dr. Brendan Byrne delivers a vision for healthcare which maximizes prevention and performance by combining digital innovation, fundamental wellness principles and a strategy tailored just for you. Brendan’s future outlook showcases how the healthcare system will shift dramatically toward “precision health” and the increasing importance of “health tune ups”, utilizing personalized behaviour action plans. The … Continue reading Your best health outcomes don’t come from healthcare


This compound can reverse aging in mice. Will it work in people?

In a study published in the journal Cell, researchers report that they found a molecule that essentially reactivates faltering blood flow in aging mice. Compromised blood flow is a major component of aging, since it deprives tissues and organs, including the brain, of the essential nutrients and oxygen they need to function.

Shawn Stevenson

Sleep is not for the weak

Sleep whisperer, Shawn Stevenson, is fighting back against the predominant “sleep is for the weak” mentality in our culture. In this seductive talk, Shawn guides us through his journey with insufficient sleep and how his determination to improve the quality of his sleep led to massive improvements in all areas of his life, including efficient … Continue reading Sleep is not for the weak


Loneliness, social isolation can impact longevity

The growing phenomenon of loneliness, which international experts have described as a global epidemic, may be responsible for as many deaths as obesity, according to the results of two meta-analyses presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington.


Your future doctor may not be human.

A new kind of doctor has entered the exam room, but doesn’t have a name. In fact, these doctors don’t even have faces. Artificial intelligence has made its way into hospitals around the world. Those wary of a robot takeover have nothing to fear; the introduction of AI into health care is not necessarily about … Continue reading Your future doctor may not be human.

Dr. Jesse Karmazin

Can young blood reverse aging and cure disease?

Dr. Jesse Karmazin shares his pioneering expertise to demonstrate how blood transfusions can reverse the effects of aging and combat age-related diseases like dementia and heart disease. Jesse’s research and young blood clinical trials may unlock the opportunities to deliver these cures in the very near future.


HIIT Is The Best Anti-Aging Exercise

U.S. research has found that high intensity interval training boosts the ability of mitochondria within cells – which usually declines with age – to generate energy.

The Atlantic

Eating toward immortality

Diet culture is just another way of dealing with the fear of death.

Keegan MacIntosh

I’m getting frozen when I die, and so should all of you

In this sharp talk from Superhuman Summit 2017, Keegan challenges standard assumptions of death. Keegan’s argument: the science behind cryopreservation and human cryonics is improving rapidly and the likelihood to live forever may just exist today. Once you believe this technology gives you a probability greater than zero to live on into the future, the … Continue reading I’m getting frozen when I die, and so should all of you

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