A Limitless Future Awaits

Curator, Jordan Kallman

A Limitless Future Awaits

The most unique Superhuman content mix has arrived. This edition showcases the largest range of ideas we have released yet, and includes both talks and articles that have huge potential to shape our personal futures.

The feature talk comes from the most surprising speaker at the Summit, Moon Ribas. Moon is one of the world’s foremost cybernetic humans, and has implanted devices that allow her to feel seismic activity in real-time. Her drum performance that translated one hundred years of Canadian earthquakes into music was a showstopper, and her talk, even more enlightening. Where do you stand on this debate? Do you believe humans have a destiny biologically intertwined with technology? Or do you stand against augmentation for moral, ethical or religious reasons? The debate has only just begun, but the Director of DARPA (the agency who brought us the internet and self-driving vehicles) believes it is an unavoidable future realitySo does Elon Musk.

Eating towards immortality? While personalized diets have yet to be proven, Reuben Major’s talk on clean nutrition from the Summit asks us, “are you optimizing your intake to ensure food is thy medicine?” Even if you eat to indulge rather for longevity, I find food trends fascinating. And in a week where we saw the first leak of the hyped Magic Leaptechnology emerge, Jordan Lejuwaan, Founder of famed Futurism.com gives us a briefing on virtual, augmented and mixed realities and what that might mean for our futures.

While we continue to explore lifestyle techniques centred around scientific wellness, there is a beautiful must-watch water adventure in the dark included at the bottom of this note. And yet, I was reminded just how heroic risk-taking has its limits when a close group of friends lost one of their own this past month.

As always reach us at be@superhvman.com with your opinions and interesting finds. And if you have recommended speakers or topics for Superhuman Summit 2017, don’t hesitate to let us know. The lineup is already beginning to come together!

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– Curator, Jordan Kallman

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