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Curator, Jordan Kallman

A New Chapter Approaches

“You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me” – Superman   As we prepare to close out our first full chapter of digital talks, we are left with the most important question of all: How does one truly become Superhuman? Looking beyond the technological enhancements and quantified data, perhaps there is some … Continue reading A New Chapter Approaches

Curator, Jordan Kallman

The Neuro-Revolution Is Here

“There is nothing in the intellect that is not in the senses” – Aristotle.   The brain and heart are but two complex, very powerful organs constantly speaking to one another. Aristotle may have believed that the brain’s basis for being was to cool the heart, and although we now know this as myth, perhaps … Continue reading The Neuro-Revolution Is Here

Curator, Jordan Kallman

A Limitless Future Awaits

The most unique Superhuman content mix has arrived. This edition showcases the largest range of ideas we have released yet, and includes both talks and articles that have huge potential to shape our personal futures.   The feature talk comes from the most surprising speaker at the Summit, Moon Ribas. Moon is one of the world’s … Continue reading A Limitless Future Awaits

Curator, Jordan Kallman

Expanding Perception

You are just one month into a brand new year. How do you feel? Around here, we’re on a high from some new knowledge around nutrition and health benefits we shared with you last month.   Beyond this insightful content, we continue to actively search within the world of human enhancement to bring you the … Continue reading Expanding Perception

Curator, Jordan Kallman

A New Beginning

A brand new year is upon us. Are you feeling inspired to enhance your health and longevity? In the spirit of goal-setting for our next journey around the sun, we’ve put together curated content that will provide benchmarking, behaviour-changing and thought-provoking information to better your own health, well beyond this year.   The fresh start also brings … Continue reading A New Beginning

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