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The quantified heart

Delegating therapy to a machine is the ultimate gesture of faith in technocracy: we are inclined to believe that AI can be better at sorting out our feelings because, ostensibly, it doesn’t have any of its own. Except that it does – the feelings it learns from us, humans.

Dr. Brendan Byrne

Your best health outcomes don’t come from healthcare

Dr. Brendan Byrne delivers a vision for healthcare which maximizes prevention and performance by combining digital innovation, fundamental wellness principles and a strategy tailored just for you. Brendan’s future outlook showcases how the healthcare system will shift dramatically toward “precision health” and the increasing importance of “health tune ups”, utilizing personalized behaviour action plans. The … Continue reading Your best health outcomes don’t come from healthcare

New York Times

The highs and lows of testosterone

Getting a high testosterone reading offers bragging rights for some men of a certain age — and may explain in part the lure of testosterone supplements. But once you are within a normal range, does your level of testosterone, the male hormone touted to build energy, libido and confidence, really tell you that much?


Wearable Smart Patch Analyzes Your Sweat To Monitor Your Body

Research firm Tractica forecasts that body sensor shipments are expected to increase to 68 million in 2021 from 2.7 million units in 2015. Where to start? Sweat.

Business Insider

Microsoft wants to store data in DNA

Tech companies think biology may solve a looming data storage problem.

The Conversation

Alphabet’s new plan to track 10,000 people could take wearables to the next level

Wearable technology has only just cracked the surface, and Google is here to take it to the next level.


The social age of wearable tech: From Quantified Self to emotional second skin

Learn how one company is turning Quantified Self into social connections.


Getting Older Affects Your Max Heart Rate (But That’s OK!)

Proven data around why your heart during exercise is unique to you and your age, not your fitness level.

Business Insider

San Francisco biohackers are wearing implants made for diabetes in the pursuit of ‘human enhancement’

Discover how this start-up has created a Fit Bit-like product that measures and delivers your glucose levels in realtime, directly to you.

Outside Magazine

What Is Heart Rate Variability and How Can It Make Me a Better Athlete?

Become a Superhuman athlete by better understanding your HRV and how, when measured correctly, can enhance your performance.

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