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Dr. Taz wants to help you find your ‘super woman rx’

Wellness is essentially about finding our best energy, weight and emotional mindset—our power. It’s not about the latest trend. When we lack the key nutrients or hormone balance to feel good, our best efforts are only representative of half of our true potential, not a true reflection of all we could do and accomplish.


Lab-testing startup Everywell aims to empower women’s fertility decisions

Julia Cheek is the CEO and founder of EverlyWell, an at-home lab testing service. Their mission is to provide affordable and easy access to lab tests. They work with certified labs and a network of virtual physicians to provide a home-kit testing experience. Women’s health is a core component of EverlyWell’s offering since its inception. They … Continue reading Lab-testing startup Everywell aims to empower women’s fertility decisions

Bianca Rizzo

The health benefits of CBD, the cannabis plant’s best element

At Superhuman Summit 2017, host Spencer Coppin quizzes Bianca Rizzo on the health benefits of Cannabidiols (CBD), one of the major compounds in cannabis. Combating anxiety, nausea, inflammation, and boosting auto-immune function and mental performance, Bianca presents compelling explanation for why CBD is one of the most exciting prospects within the medical community.

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