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Biology will be the next great computing platform

Crispr is making biology more programmable than ever before. And the biotech execs staking their claims in Crispr’s backend systems have read their Silicon Valley history. They’re betting biology will be the next great computing platform, DNA will be the code that runs it, and Crispr will be the programming language.

Foreign Affairs

Gene editing for good: how CRISPR could transform global development

Over the next decade, gene editing could help humanity overcome some of the biggest and most persistent challenges in global health and development. The technology is making it much easier for scientists to discover better diagnostics, treatments, and other tools to fight diseases that still kill and disable millions of people every year, primarily the poor.

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Human CRISPR trials will happen in 2018. They’ll look like this.

It may not yet be the gene-editing world we may have imagined when we first learned of CRISPR-Cas9, but it looks like 2018 may be the year that future finally gets underway at last.  Finally, human trials are about to get underway in Europe and the U.S. The targets of the these trials are two genetic blood … Continue reading Human CRISPR trials will happen in 2018. They’ll look like this.


Crispr isn’t enough anymore. Get ready for gene editing 2.0

Crispr Classic can be clunky, unreliable, and a bit dangerous. But this year, newer, flashier gene editing tools began rolling off the production line.

The Washington Post

If we’re going to play God with gene editing, we’ve got to ask some moral questions

We aren’t gods, but we’ll have to make the decisions anyway. We should try make them well.



This video won’t transform your genome, but it might make a helpful edit to your understanding.

Time Magazine

The CRISPR Pioneers

2016 was a year of change. Political and historic took the forefront, but it wasn’t all sour. Read the article about the pioneers who are in the process of changing the world for the better.

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