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Biomimicry: the natural blueprint

Apart from the bell-shaped body of a jellyfish, FullCircle looked at the positioning of schools of fish, how heart valves function and kelp blades are adapted to rapidly flowing water and maximize photosynthesis, according to their project overview for the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge—a competition that invites people to create sustainable human designs inspired by … Continue reading Biomimicry: the natural blueprint


You may live longer by severely restricting calories, scientists say

[Leanne] Redman noticed that for those on the [calorie] restricted diet, their metabolism slowed and became more efficient. “Basically it just means that cells are needing less oxygen in order to generate the energy the body needs to survive; and so the body and the cells are becoming more energy efficient.” And if less oxygen is … Continue reading You may live longer by severely restricting calories, scientists say

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Heroic Highlight | Mark McMorris and Seb Toots Shred Custom Built Terrain Park

Bigger and faster than any mere mortal will ever be able to go, watch as a Homegrown Hero and East Coast Canadian take on one of the most iconic mountains located right here in Vancouver.

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